New endorsement agreement with RV Drums!

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Here’s some details of the new kit, Alessandro is going to use it during Fabrizio Moro summer tour 2018.

RV Drums

Tom 8×12
Floor Tom 14×16
Floor Tom 16×18
Kick 16×22
Snare 6×14

DW Drums Aluminum Snare 6.5×14

Sabian Cymbals
HHX Click Hats 14”
HHX X-Treme Crash 19”
HHX X-Treme Crash 19”
HHX O-Zone Crash 18”
AAX Aero Splash 12” over AA Mini Holy China 12”
HH Raw Bell Dry Ride 21”

Trigger RT-30HR – RT-30K
Roland TM-2
Roland BT-1 Pad

Drumheads Evans
Power Center Reverse Dot – Coated Snare 1
EC1 – Snare 2
Toms G2 Coated top / G1 Clear bottom
Bass drums GMAD

Promark 5b sticks.