Graduated at the Drummers Collective of New York City in 2014

Studied with: Kim Plainfield, Shawn Pelton, Peter Retzlaff, Rich Redmond, Ben Sesar, Ian Froman, Jason Gianni, Adriano Dos Santos, Vince Cherico, Tobias Ralph, Marko Djorjevic, Schejbal, Leroy Clouden, Bob Quaranta, Fernando Hernandez, and Sean Conly.

During his studies at Drummers Collective he:

  • joined the jury for the Guitar Center Drumoff in the Manhattan semifinal and final with Tommy Campbell (Dizzy Gillespie) and Rocky Briant (Average White Band, Dianne Reeves, Divas Live.

and worked as a DrumTech:

  • For Steve Jordan, Peter Erskine, Mark Guiliana, Memo Acevedo and Mike Clark;
  • During the Bonzo Bash event in New York City.

Graduated at the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome in 2011

Studied with: Daniele Pomo, Claudio Mastracci, Agostino Marangolo, Vincenzo Restuccia, Marco Manusso, Marco Siniscalco, Franco Canfora, Antonio Solimene and Josè Fiorilli.


Latest Tours and International Shows

Fabrizio Moro Summer Tour (Italy),
EchoTest (USA)


Fabrizio Moro SummerTour (Italy)
EchoTest (USA – Spain)


Fabrizio Moro Summer Tour (Italy),
Adrian Belew – TROOT – EchoTest (USA)


Fabrizio Moro Winter Tour (Italy),
EchoTest (Mexico),
TROOT – EchoTest (USA)

Played and shared the stage with international and national artists such as:

Adrian Belew’s Power Trio, with whom he performed some shows, including the famous Cruise To The Edge where he shared the stage with renowned artists: Mike Portnoy, Tony Levin, Pat Mastelotto, Billy Sheehan, Carl Palmer, and many others;

Tim Motzer, Tim Root, Steve Ball, Amy Denio, Alex Anthony Faide, Nora Germain, Beth Fleenor, Bill Horist, Sean Conly, Isamu McGregor, Bob Quaranta, Gregory M. Jones, Norbert Stachel, Susan Didrichsen, The Motor Tom, Fans Of The Future, Ultimo, Franco Cerri, Piotta, Kutso, Orchestra Giovanile of Rome directed by M° Vincenzo di Benedetto.

He played in many TV Shows and International and National Festivals including:

  • NAMM Show (Anaheim, CA) with EchoTest 2018
  • SeaProg Festival (Seattle, WA) with TROOT 2019
  • Progstock (New Jersey, NJ) with EchoTest 2017
  • RTL 102.5, Fabrizio Moro’s live at Olympic Stadium of Rome
  • Radio Italia Live in 2017, 2018, 2019 with Fabrizio Moro
  • Amici with Fabrizio Moro in 2016 with Fabrizio Moro
  • Coca Cola Summer Festival 2016 with Fabrizio Moro
  • Wind Summer Festival 2017 with Fabrizio Moro
  • Wind Music Award Arena of Verona 2017 with Fabrizio Moro
  • Primo Maggio Roma in 2016 and 2017 with Fabrizio Moro
  • Rock Tv with Kutso 2011 and with Magnolia 2010

He currently plays with Fabrizio Moro, EchoTest, Marco Machera, TROOT, Aria.


Fabrizio Moro – Figli Di Nessuno
EchoTest – Daughter Of Ocean
SOLS – The Golden Atom (Tracks 3-7-8 ending drum solo)
Fugue – The Spoils Of War
Francesco Luz – Extraordinary Men

TROOT – Constance And The Waiting

Fabrizio Moro – Parole, Rumori e Anni
Nathalie – Into The Flow
Alessandro Tarallo – Noi Collegati

Fabrizio Moro – Pace
EchoTest – From Two Balconies   
Marco Machera – Small Music From Broken Windows
Brusco – Guacamole
Tymbro – Don’t Panic You Can Dream

Piotta – Nemici

KuTso – Decadendo

KuTso – Aiutatemi
Almanoir – The Bridge

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